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On April 27, 2017, President Paul Biya received the United States Ambassador to Cameroon, Michael Stephen Hoza, at the Unity Palace. The agenda included an overview of the current national headlines, and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

More specifically, Ambassador Hoza announced that a significant sum of XAF 156 billion has been mobilized by the US government to support public health in Cameroon. The project, the US diplomat said, will provide an effective response to improvements in maternal and child health, HIV / AIDS, malaria and other pandemics such as Ebola.

The last meeting between Michael Hoza and Paul Biya goes back to February 2, 2017. Comparing the two meetings, it is noted that this is the first time both men talk about public health matters. In general, the talks centre around topics related to safety. This is a materialization of the wish expressed on February 2, when the American ambassador declared that strategically, "it is imperative that Cameroon and the United States examine together new areas of cooperation". Public health thus opens a new era between the two countries.

Source: adapted from the article “Les Etats-Unis mobilisent 156 milliards de FCFA pour soutenir la santé publique au Cameroun”, Agence Ecofin

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